Landrake with St. Erney - a rural parish in south east Cornwall.

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Landrake Methodist Chapel


The connections between Landrake and Methodism stretch back 200 years, when services initially took place in people’s homes, most notably at Wisewandra Farmhouse. It is remarkable to think that the first (1812) Wesleyan building in Church Street, soon proved to be too small for the numbers attending … and that was despite the addition of a gallery in 1834! The Wesleyans decided that the only way to accommodate a growing congregation and Sunday School, would be to build a much larger chapel altogether. This resulted in the adjacent 1890 building, which could seat nearly 200 people. Yet the Wesleyans were not the only Methodists who wanted to have a place of worship in Landrake, for in 1860 another Methodist structure had been erected. Sponsored by the Primitive Methodists, this chapel was built at the northern end of the village, on Pound Hill. The Primitive Chapel closed in 1963 however, with the congregation transferring to the Church Street premises.

In the year 2000, the congregation had a difficult choice to make, given that the existing buildings required tens of thousands of pounds to be spent on them to do the necessary re-roofing, re-flooring and specific modernisation work to comply with current legislation for public buildings. The choice was either: to ignore the fabric problems and wait until the buildings became unsafe to use or to apply for planning permission to re-develop, build a new chapel at the site and so safeguard the future of an active Methodist presence in the village. The congregation unanimously decided to ‘think big’ and to seek a site re-development. The rest, as we say, is history, with the new Chapel being officially opened on June 4th 2006.

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