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Landrake with St Erney Parish Council

PA23 00259 Radio Base Station

PA23 00259 Radio Base Station

Clarke Telecom Ltd act on behalf of the mobile telecommunications operator CK Hutchison Networks
(UK) Ltd.

The proposal is to install a radio base station, in order to provide the latest 3G, 4G and new 5G technologies to the Landrake area.

Landrake with St Erney Parish Council's pre-consultation "Whilst the Parish Council supports the need to make sure residents in the parish have access to 4G and 5G networks, the Council’s thoughts are, with the exception of ‘the land to the north of Quarry
Lane’ that the listed sites are not suitable. This is the initial view of the Parish Council and a formal response can be given after the next Full Council meeting on 10th January 2023"

8th December 2022

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