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Landrake with St Erney Parish Council

Mobile Mast revised proposal

The previous application was withdrawn to allow us to change the design and to reduce height of the proposed mast, as due to technical requirements the site cannot be moved in order to provide coverage to the target area. This proposal is for the installation of a new site to boost the capacity on the network in this location for the operator. The site needs to cover a certain target coverage area as the operator is experiencing capacity issues in this area. The area surrounding the proposed site has been fully investigated, and it was considered that the application site was the most viable and suitable location for the proposed equipment. The search area for the proposed site is small due to the operatorís requirement to fill the hole in coverage to fix coverage and capacity issues currently being experienced by its users. The Phase 9 is the most sensitive and it will be at the lowest possible height of 18m in order to provide clearance on the nearby houses to avoid clipping. The phase 9 monopole is much slimmer in design and are typically not designed to use a wraparound cabinet at the base which reduces the visual impact of the monopole.

Preconsultation letter proposed radio mast at Grass Verge at School Road

6th March 2023

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