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Landrake with St Erney Parish Council

PA23 00259

PA23 00259

Email received from Clarke Telecom

Dear Karenza,

I am writing to address some of you concerns.

Addressing your concerns in regard to the highway’s safety, I have forwarded that email to our design and acquisition team for them to look at the matter and comment on that. I can also ensure you that as a part of the planning application the developer’s notice was sent to the Highways Department including a set of site plans for them to comment on it.

Regarding the health concerns the proposed installation conforms to current government planning guidelines regarding potential health effects arising from telecommunications development. The operator has attached a declaration that the site conforms to ICNIRP guidance, as a part of the planning submission. This is in full accordance with NPPF. International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection public compliance is determined by mathematical calculation and implemented by careful location of antennas, access restrictions and/or barriers and signage as necessary. Members of the public cannot unknowingly enter areas close to the antennas where exposure may exceed the relevant guidelines.

The suggested alternative location at Quarry Lane would not be more appropriate in my view due to the proximity to the AONB, due to that the development within this sensitive area should be avoided. Siting the telecommunication monopole at this location could meet objections from the case officer, the environment and/or heritage officer due to a possible environmental impact on the Tamar Valley AONB.

Kind regards,

Site plans

18th January 2023

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