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Landrake with St Erney Parish Council

Parish Clerk: Mr Christopher Cook, 24 Rashleigh Avenue, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 4NS

Tel: 07523005414

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2 February 2023 at 9:09 am

Subject: Double Yellow Lines Landrake Dear Mrs Heald After further consultation I have decided to withdraw my email as amended of 2 February for the attention of the Chairman. I have composed a new submission set out below. Please acknowledge receipt. For attention: Chairman Landrake and St Erney Parish Council. Subject Double Yellow parking restrictions centre of Landrake Village. I wish to disclose I have family who live on Church Street. I would like to make four further comments; Minutes January council meeting.The draft minutes of the January meeting accurately record the salient points made by the 17 members of the public but by omission do not make it clear for the record that there were no speakers in favour of the proposal. Please consider for total accuracy an amendment to the draft minutes. Site meeting held in Landrake 27 January 2022. A fire appliance requested by our County Councillor attended to demonstrate the difficulties caused by parked vehicles in Church Street. Despite these difficulties, an acknowledged fact, the appliance did manage to negotiate Church Street and Tideford Road and to exit the village when it had to leave early because of a reported call out. Disclosure. I am concerned there was no disclosure by our County Councillor at the January 2022 site meeting nor at the parish council meeting of 8 February 2022 paragraph 133b, where this project was agreed in principal, of his relationship with the current owner/manager of Markwell Farm. I hear what was said concerning this matter at the public forum of the January 2023 and accept what was said. Nevertheless, this and the total lack of direct consultation with affected house owners has produced a lack of trust amongst many members of the parish for the council to deal impartially with this matter. I repeat in the January 2023 parish council meeting I stated in the near thirty years I have lived in the village I am unaware of an emergency vehicle unable to proceed up Church Street nor has a member of my family who has lived here forty two years. This leads me to conclude that the advisory notices placed on the churchyard wall by the Parish Council have worked and that the residents living on Church Street are being sensible concerning on road parking. It is clear to me and many others the Parish Council is determined to proceed with this matter despite the views held at the open forum in January and the 176 signatories against in the petition held subsequent to the meeting. The parish councilís principal duty is to reflect the majority view of parishioners. Therefore, now is the time to compromise. Compromise. Might I suggest, reluctantly, that double yellow lines are installed in Church Street between where the parish council white wall signs are and no further south, with modification to allow disabled access to the Church. The Highway Code at paragraph paragraph 243 makes it clear that cars should not park within 10 metres of a road junction. Therefore double yellow lines at the junction of Church Street and The Square and Tideford road are unnecessary particularly given the enforcement problem the parish council has acknowledged. Further, I question whether double yellow line are required at all In Tideford Road when the driver for them, apparently, is access by emergency vehicles. A perfectly accessible alternative to Tideford road is at the western end off the A38. This would alleviate the concerns for loss of trade by the Village Shop owners whom we must all support. I also repeat what I said at the open forum. There is a cost of living crisis and is the parish council still prepared to spend up to £4000 on this project which could be more sensibly used to make a modest reduction in the parish contribution to our individual council tax bill. I hope you will table this email at your February meeting prior to final discussion concerning this matter. I have no wish at my very advanced years to have to turn out again on a cold winterís evening to read it out. Regards Peter Ralph

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