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Landrake Parish Council
Views over the Parish at Lantallack

Welcome to the official Landrake with St Erney Parish Council website

Landrake with St Erney Parish is a small parish in south east Cornwall. The Parish lies about 3.5 miles (5km) west of Saltash and the river Tamar, and is bisected east - west by the A38 trunk road. Apart from Landrake village, which is the main population centre, the Parish is mainly agricultural and woodland, with small hamlets and farmsteads linked by narrow cornish lanes. The Parish covers almost 3600 acres (1450 hectares), and has a population of about 1000.

Landrake Parish lies on high ground between the deep and partly tidal valleys of the rivers Lynher and Tiddy, which come together at the southernmost tip of the Parish, where the main railway line from Plymouth to Penzance crosses both rivers on a high viaduct

Many of the farms provide tourist accommodation, and in Landrake village there is a shop and post office, primary school, village pub and community hall.

This Web site provides parishioners and visitors with an overview of our Parish and its activities, and is produced by the Parish Council with information provided by individuals and organisations within the Parish. If you have information you would like to see published on this site, especially forthcoming events, please contact the Council.

Latest Parish News

Mobile Mast revised proposal

The previous application was withdrawn to allow us to change the design and to reduce height of the proposed mast, as due to technical requirements the site cannot be moved in order to provide coverag ...

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Preconsultation letter proposed radio mast at Grass Verge at School Road (pdf)

6th March 2023

Event Intention - Sir Robert Jefferys School X Country Run

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, S.16A The below event road closure request has been received. Event: Sir Robert Gefferys School Landrake - Cross Country Run Date: 10th M ...

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Event Intention Notice (pdf)

3rd February 2023

Clarke Telecom - email response to queries 30/01/2023

It is a densification project for the operatorís network to fill holes in service provision including coverage and capacity. This will enable the operatorís customers to be able to use their handheld ...

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31st January 2023

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